Mettle Academy - No Gi Submission Grappling Adelaide

A collective of different grappling, submission and close-quarter combative arts incorporating trapping, locking, clinching, takedowns, throws and submission techniques;

Learn to control, manipulate and manoeuvre an opponent to your advantage without the need to resort to striking.

Mettle Martial Arts Academy draws from a wide variety of different systems and arts to teach our close range fighting and control tactics such as: Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do, JFJKDGA, Combat Submission Wrestling, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Shooto (Shoot Wrestling), Dumog-Layog, Filipino Kali and Maphilindo Silat.

Mettle Academy students will learn how to manoeuvre and apply appropriate techniques, traps, locks, counters, takedowns, throws and submissions in order to gain a physical advantage over their opponent(s) in both stand-up and ground based encounters.
This close-quarters range requires a high degree of tactile sensitivity which takes time to learn, but is one of the most important fighting ranges. Once accomplished in the art of grappling, the practitioner reduces their reliance on striking as their only form of self defence, giving them greater choice of outcomes in any given altercation.

Sifu/Guro Nino Pilla, Sensei Erik Paulson and Professor Jean Jacques Machado have all been paramount in our understanding and love for this discipline within the martial arts.

Come and learn the Trapping, Locking and Grappling Arts.

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