The Filipino Martial Arts are some of the most practical and effective, battle-tested combative systems in the world;

Kali: The 'mother-art' of the Philippines.

The Filipino Martial Arts are famous for their strong weapons orientated base but they also possess an equally well rounded empty-hand system. Documented as early as the 8th Century AD, Kali is the 'mother-art' of the Philippines pre-dating both Eskrima and Arnis. At Mettle Martial Arts, we teach a blend of different Filipino styles and concepts, teaching Single and Double Stick, Sword, Knife, Staff and unarmed combat techniques.

Contradicting many other traditional martial arts, Kali practitioners (or Eskrimadors) are taught stick combat techniques prior to unarmed combat. As the end of the stick travels much quicker than the speed of the human hand, the student develops faster reflexes, speed, hand-eye coordination and timing.
Although there are an uncountable number of unique systems in the Filipino Martial Arts, they all follow a common principle: all angles of attack must follow a finite set of patterns (+ x • OO). But it is the infinite possibilities that any combination of these patterns offers, that makes the Filipino stick fighting arts so adaptable. Our main source of knowledge comes from the research and dedication of Tuhon Dan Inosanto and Guro Nino Pilla.

Mettle Academy students will learn drills and combative techniques recognised around the world as the Inosanto-blend which includes teachings from the world's most diverse collective of Filipino masters.

Come and learn the Filipino Martial Arts.

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