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Mettle Martial Arts Academy offers a world-class martial arts and self defence tuition to our students. We draw from an eclectic range of martial disciplines from around the world including Jeet Kune Do / Jun Fan Gung Fu, Filipino Kali, Maphilindo Silat, Muay Thai / Thai Boxing, Western Boxing, Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and other arts, covering all ranges of combat from long range weaponry to close quarters grappling and everything in between.

The primary source of our material comes from Guro Dan Inosanto from the world famous Inosanto Academy of Martial Arts and Sifu Nino Pilla, Nino Pilla International Academy of Martial Arts. It is with great respect and honour that the Mettle Martial Arts Academy is able to continue to promote the legacy of the giants that have walked before us.

Our Teachers

Whether it be a technique, a philosophy, a concept, or simply opening a door to a new idea - each of our teachers have added a tool to our toolbox and influenced the Mettle curriculum in some form or another. We have been blessed to train under some of the martial arts' most influential instructors from around the world.

Sifu/Guro/Ajarn Nino Pilla is the man responsible for introducing me to the world of Martial Arts. Sifu Nino’s syllabus is well recognised throughout the world as a foundation to understanding the ranges, techniques, attributes and principles of The Martial Arts. Starting from the ground up, the NPIAMA curriculum progressively builds a student’s confidence and abilities to a standard that is second to none.
Guro Dan Inosanto is recognised as one of the most accomplished martial artists on the planet. He has been the leading influence in the evolution and expansion of Jeet Kune Do since Sijo Bruce Lee's untimely death in 1973 and is recognised as one of the leading promoters of the Filipno Martial Arts throughout the western world. Not just a martial artist, Guro Dan is a martial historian.
Ajarn Chai is the President and Founder of the World Thai Boxing Association (WTBA) and is credited with introducing the art of Muay Thai to the United States in 1968. Since then, Ajarn Chai's WTBA has continued to expand and is now represented in more than 18 countries across the globe as he continues to travel and promote the art. Ajarn Chai has granted both Kade and Corey the title of 'Khun Kru' (respected teacher) to continue to teach his beloved art of eight limbs.
  World Thai Boxing Association
The Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do Grappling Association was originally established by the late SiGung Larry Hartsell - one of Bruce Lee's original students and the man assigned to the research and development of the integrated grappling arts component of JKD. SiGung Larry's legacy lives on through the dedication of numerous students around the world, but none more so than Sifu Tim Becherer who continues to promote and grow the JFJKD Grappling Association in honour of his former teacher.
Simo Valencia 'Cookie' Vassiliou is one of Guro Dan Inosanto's highest ranked instructors and is an internationally respected martial arts instructor in many different styles. Simo Cookie's world-class training centre in Brisbane is the official Australian contact for the Inosanto Academy, running their annual instructor program. The Mettle Academy are extremely proud of our affiliation with Simo Cookie and Progressive Martial Arts Academy
One of the five legendary 'Machado Brothers', Professor Jean Jacques Machado is a 7th degree Red & Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, making him one of the world's highest ranked Jiu-Jitsu Masters: a rank only acquired by holding a black belt for over 30 years. Famous for capturing every major title and competition award from 1982 through 1992 and later going on to win the ADCC Championships in 2011, Jean Jacques is one of the arts true pioneers and one of the most admired and respected BJJ practitioners in the world.
  Jean Jacques Machado Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
Sensei Erik Paulson is the living definition of a mixed martial artist, holding ranks in Judo, Tae Kwon Do, Jeet Kune Do, Wing Chun, Silat, Muay Thai, Savate, Filipino Kali, Karate, Shooto and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to name a few. Sensei Erik was the first American to win the World Light-Heavy Weight Shooto title in Japan and is considered one of the forefathers of mixed martial arts tournaments in America. Today, Sensei Erik runs the Combat Submission Wrestling Association and coaches multiple current and up-and-coming UFC stars.
  CSW Association
Dr. Mark Cheng is an international speaker/lecturer on optimum health performance, traditional Chinese manual medicine, Russian kettlebell training, Functional Movement Systems, TRX Sports Medicine and rehabilitative and strength training. He is a traditional martial artist, an acupuncturist, a doctor, a teacher, a mentor - but above all - a friend.
Dr Mark Cheng
  Dr Mark Cheng

World class training in Jeet Kune Do / Jun Fan Gung Fu, Filipino Martial Arts, Muay Thai and diversified Trapping, Locking and Grappling Arts providing a practical and effective self defence education for men, women and children.

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