The Filipino art of Panantukan (often referred to as Dirty Boxing) is one of the most well rounded and versatile striking systems in the world of martial arts;

A major influence on modern-day boxing, Panantukan is much more than just a dirty street-fighting system.

The Filipino empty-hand art of Panantukan is a highly efficient street-orientated fighting system that uses the entire body as tools of attack. The aim is to cause maximum outcome with minimal effort. In contrast to ring sports such as boxing and kickboxing, there are no fixed set of rules other than 'anything goes' - eye gauges, headbutts, groin attacks, biting - whatever it takes to walk away with your life.

More than just a dirty street fight, the art of Panantukan (also known as Sikaran, Pangamut, Suntukan or Mano-mano) is a comprehensive martial discipline focussing on footwork, manipulating your opponent's balance and attacking the nearest vulnerable target.
Although the term Panantukan translates to 'the art of fist fighting', and is predominantly an empty-hand system, the movements are all derived from their weapon-based counterparts. Students that train in the weapon based arts of the Philippines will be able to apply their knowledge of weapons to their Panantukan training. Also taught are Pananjakman (kicking) and Dumog (grappling)

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