Mettle Academy - No Gi Submission Grappling Adelaide

Mettle Martial Arts Academy offers Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) classes under the guidance of Gracie-Barra 4th degree Brown Belt Professor João Ruffo;

Learn to control, manipulate and manoeuvre an opponent to your advantage without the need to resort to striking.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, commonly known as BJJ is a predominantly ground-based martial art putting an emphasis on technique and leverage over size and strength with the ultimate goal of submitting your opponent with holds, chokes and joint manipulations without the use of strikes and/or kicks.

Mettle Academy students will learn how to manoeuvre and apply leverage, angles, pressure and timing in order to trap, lock, counter, takedown, and submit in order to gain a physical advantage over their opponent(s) in both stand up and ground based encounters.
This close-quarters range requires a high degree of tactile sensitivity which takes time to learn, but is one of the most important fighting ranges. Once accomplished in the art of grappling, the practitioner reduces their reliance on striking as their only form of self defence, giving them greater choice of outcomes in any given altercation.

The Mettle BJJ Program is headed by Professor João Victor Ruffo, from Rio de Janeiro Brazil - a 4th degree Brown Belt with Gracie Barra BJJ.

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