Mettle Academy - Private Martial Arts Lessons Adelaide, South Australia
Learning in a class environment - especially if it's your first time - can be a daunting experience. Many students prefer the privacy and personalised experience of private lessons. Lesson plans are designed specifically for you - taking into account your physical and emotional health and wellbeing, your personal goals and reasons for training as well as your own individual learning curve.

Students also benefit from first hand experience, training directly with your instructor. You get to feel the right energy required for each drill - remember that practice no longer makes perfect; practice makes permanent.

To book a lesson, or to discuss corporate or group bookings, please call Kade Marsh on 0422 254 286.

Personalised martial arts, self defence and fitness training for up to four students at a time. These private sessions allow full attention to the individual student's needs. Private students tend to progress faster than students in the class environment.

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