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January 1, 2020
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April 6, 2020
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Single Class – non-members


Join in on this month’s virtual martial arts classes hosted by the Mettle Academy. Classes are run using Zoom – purchase includes access to this month’s zoom programs.


Access any single Mettle Academy class via live Zoom session, or in person at our academy in Unley, South Australia.

Class Schedule:
7pm: Filipino Kali

7pm: Muay Thai

6pm: Filipino Kali
7pm: Jun Fan Gung Fu / Jeet Kune Do

7pm: Jun Fan Gung Fu / Jeet Kune Do

9am: Jun Fan Gung Fu / Jeet Kune Do
10am: Mixed Arts

Please note that weaponry classes are taught using single and double Kali sticks made of rattan and can be purchased at Mettle Academy or online here. If you do not have access to Kali Sticks, you can still join into the classes using everyday items around your house such as wooden spoons, rulers, or even just empty-hand.


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